Bread closet Flair 4 door
  • Bread closet Flair 4 door
  • Bread closet Flair 4 door
  • Bread closet Flair 4 door

Bread closet Flair 4 door

Led lamps

Bread closet,

190 x 80 x 50 cm (h x b x d)
This piece of furniture was manufactured out of Lamulux.
Lamulux is a development in material based on fibre
board and melamine (also know from kitchen tables).
Melamine is a synthetic material which is mainly used
with the production of man-made fibres.
Lamulux is strong, hard, light and is not sensitive for
scratches.It has the same characteristics and features
as solid wood, because of the applied wooddrawing and
structure. It does not only look like real wood, it also
feels like it!
Another advantage is that Lamulux is much less sensi
tive then solid wood; it is not sensitive for scratches and
it is maintenancefree.
To clean it with a damp cloth is sufficient, also when
there has been spillt something or when there are stains.
Several beautiful and economical livingroomprogrammes
with the looks from solid wood have been manufactured
out of the maintenancefree Lamulux.
As the consumers are more and more choosing for
“perception” instead of use of materials, Lamlux is a
good alternative.
Clean the furniture regularly with a damp clean cloth
(without any cleaning materials). Afterwards always dry
the furniture with another cloth.
lamulux dressoir

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