Privacy declaration

The privacy policy applies to all use of our website and to all personal data registered via our websites and in our stores. We take our obligations regarding your privacy and the processing and transfer of your personal data very seriously. We have therefore taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure that the transfer and storage of data is secure. We ask you to read our privacy policy carefully because it states how and for what purposes we collect personal data. By providing personal data to us, you consent to the processing and transfer of personal data as described in this privacy policy. Pardoes Meubelen is the controller with regard to these processing operations. Pardoes Meubelen can be reached by e-mail at
Registration of personal data

Pardoes Meubelen records your data when you purchase products or services from us. Even if you use one of our free services on the website or leave your data at one of our branches, it will be stored. Your personal data is stored in a central, electronic customer database of Pardoes Meubelen.

We register your personal data in the following situations;

● In our stores when completing order forms, showroom vouchers and/or other forms.
● When purchasing products on our website.
● In the performance of an assignment given to us.
● When completing a review for a product or service provided to you.
● When registering for marketing communications and/or our newsletter.
● If we receive your personal data and/or profile information from third parties, for example if you have indicated to these third parties that you wish to receive information about our products or services. In this case, we will state from whom we received the personal data when we first communicate with you.

We may request and/or register the following information from you;
● gender, first name, last name, street name, house number, zip code, place of residence, telephone number, e-mail address, Chamber of Commerce number and company name. Our server may automatically record certain information, such as URL, IP address, browser type and language, and the date and time of your visit to our website, including through the use of cookies.
Who has access to your data?

We may pass on your data to other parties. We only do this if it is really necessary for our services. It may then be one or more of these parties:
- Delivery partners
- Assembly partners
- Service partners
- Suppliers
- Payment partners
- IT service providers

After all, our delivery, assembly and service partner must come to your home to deliver, assemble or service your product.

Our supplier receives a reference to your purchase, and in some cases our supplier also visits your home.

Our payment partner receives your details in order to process the payment.

If required by law, we will share your customer data with government agencies.
Use of personal data

The basis for the use of your personal data is your consent. In the case of an assignment given to us and/or an agreement concluded with us, the basis for the use of your personal data is the necessity for the correct execution of that assignment and/or agreement.

For existing customers, the basis is our interest in making our customers offers and keeping them informed about our similar products and services.

Your personal data is used by Pardoes Meubelen for the following purposes:

1. To execute a command,
2. To inform you about the status of your order,
3. To measure customer satisfaction,
4. To answer questions you have asked,
5. To improve our services and adapt them to your wishes. In this context, we may also use your personal data for profiling purposes.
6. To inform you about current and future activities and offers, whether by post, telephone or e-mail.
7. For sending newsletters, both electronically and by post.
8. In addition, your data will be used anonymously in management information and analyses. With the results of this we are better able to further increase customer satisfaction and we can further improve our services, products and website.
9. Pardoes Meubelen will not make your data available to third parties, unless this is necessary for the correct execution of the assignment and/or unless there is a legal obligation to do so.
10. We would like to keep you informed about (new) products that are relevant to you or others. Therefore, we may share your personal data with service providers that we trust and who help us with processing and analysis

ren of your personal data. So that we can select products that may be of interest to you. But also to avoid introducing products to you that you probably don't appreciate. If you no longer wish to receive (digital) letters and/or newsletters, no longer wish to be contacted by telephone or no longer wish to receive any marketing communication, you can indicate this at any time via the e-mail address:
Retention period of personal data

We store personal data that we process with your consent for one year.
We store personal data that we receive from you in the context of a quotation for 2 years.
We store personal data that we process in the context of an assignment granted to us and/or an agreement concluded with us until the service or warranty period has expired.
View and change your data

You can request Pardoes Meubelen to:

● inspection, adjustment or deletion of the personal data that Pardoes Meubelen collects about you.
● limitation of the processing of the personal data that Pardoes Meubelen collects about you.
● transfer of the personal data that Pardoes Meubelen collects about you.

You can submit your request by sending an e-mail to In order to process your request, we ask you for the following information:
- Full name
- Postal Code
- House number
- Your request and/or question

We are happy to explain why we need this information.

We would like to ask you to state your full name, zip code and house number in the e-mail. A correct spelling of your full name is important for our matching principle. What this means is explained below. In addition, you are free to decide whether and, if so, what additional information you provide.

Why do we want to know this information? It is possible that you are registered in our system several times, for example when you have completed a form via our website and requested a quote in the store. It is possible that your details have been entered slightly differently, for example your initials instead of first name or if you are moving, your new address instead of your current address. If your details are not completely the same, you may be registered in our system several times.

We will then search for records of your personal data in our system by means of a matching principle. Simply put, we search for the other data based on the data you now provide to us. The chance of a complete picture of the personal data known to us increases as you provide more data. It is therefore possible that not all of your personal data known to us are found because we have not been able to “match” it.

To ensure that the request has been made by you, we will send a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address known to us after receipt of your request. We will only process your request further after we have received confirmation of this e-mail.

Pardoes Meubelen strives to handle your request as quickly as possible, but will do so no later than within the statutory period of 1 month. When we have processed your request, we will provide you with the necessary information. In the unlikely event that your request is rejected (this may be because your request is in violation of the law), we will of course provide you with an explanation why Pardoes Meubelen was unable to process your request.

The information you provide will only be used to handle your query. After completion of your request, this data will be deleted.

You have the right, if you wish, to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

You can always indicate that you do not want to be approached with marketing activities. This can be done by sending an e-mail to

Cookie Policy

When using the Pardoes Meubelen website, Pardoes Meubelen or third parties may collect information about the use of this website. Pardoes Meubelen uses cookies for this. Pardoes Meubelen uses the following cookies:

First-party cookies. These are used by Pardoes Meubelen to ensure that:
1. the website functions optimally,
2. the selected items remain in the shopping basket of the webshop and you do not have to enter your login name and password each time.

Third-party cookies. These cookies are placed by third parties, including for the following purposes:
1. The analysis of the website by Google Analytics.
2. Make sure you don't see the same ad every time.
3. That you see advertisements related to topics that you have searched for in search engines or for which you have visited certain websites.

Functional cookies. These cookies keep track of your preferences and remember that you have visited the website before.

Performance cookies. This allows g measure whether an ad leads to a purchase or registration.

Analytical cookies. With these cookies, Pardoes Meubelen can keep track of the statistics of its website. In Google Analytics, for example, the number of visitors, the location of visitors and the browser used can be measured.

Profiling cookies. These cookies ensure that you see targeted advertisements that are tailored to your profile.

Delete and change Cookies

Cookies can be removed via the browser settings. The browser settings can also be used to refuse new cookies. Because there are many different types of browsers, we refer to the help page of your browser. You can also unsubscribe from the placing of cookies by Google and its group companies and at you can unsubscribe from the placing of cookies by other advertising networks that present advertisements on the website on behalf of Pardoes Meubelen.

More information
● What are cookies (wikipedia)
● Manage cookies in Google Chrome
● Manage cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer
● Manage cookies in FireFox
● Manage cookies in Safari

Contact address

All written questions or comments about our privacy policy and the way in which we collect and store data, requests to send or change your personal data, can be directed to:

Pardoes Meubelen
Overtoom 214 BG
1054HZ Amsterdam