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Steps plan bonanza couch,

to make your choice easier there is a step by step plan. when you at each step a choice will get you, ultimately, your unique couch.

You can choose from 3 different backs and 3 different frames.

also, there are various layouts and sizes available from 1.5 seater sofa to large sofa in the corner, as well as matching hocker.

the stated price is for the depicted 1.5-seater version in cowboy leather.

The sofa is available in 7 different types of leather, all in various colors.

the sofa is also available in 8 different fabrics, all in various colors, including all modern velvet colors and leather look fabrics.

All types of leather and fabrics are available in all colors in our shop.

View the step-by-step plan in PDF below, models Bonanza sofas.

View all prices of the models below. prices all models of bonanza sofas

You are welcome to our store to to come and test it. for a suitable offer,

please email your wishes to

Download step by step plan in pdf

step by step plan bonanza design

Prices Bonanza couch.

prices Bonanza sofa

On all photos of the color swatches there is 1 stitch seam matching and 1 stitch seam in contrast.

We have the couch available online in buffalo leather, but in the store we have more than 100 leather and fabric types where the Bonanza sofa is available.

This couch has been carefully upholstered and covered with “genuine buffalo leather”.
The entire life history of the buffalo is outwardly represented in the skin by means of scars,
insect bites, abrasions, etc. This gives the leather its vintage look and ensures that all areas of the skin unique
are, also with regard to differences between the different areas of the skin.
Cowboy is a tough, solid and extremely durable buffelleder. It looks rugged and wild, exactly as the animal itself.
The skins are chrome-tanned and dyed.
Then the veins results with a combination of oil and wax. The dry milling at the end of
the process gives the leather its softness and natural appearance.
Cowboy leather is made exclusively with aniline dyes, to ensure that the look after
ture, and that the characteristic features of the leather remain visible. The beauty of this leather
the shades in the colors, the natural points of interest (such as insect bites and scratches) and in particular the beautiful
grain-structure of the buffalo. The older the leather is, the more beautiful it is

bonanza metalux

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