• oak colors 2021
  • Basic coating. looks raw but is resistant to beer, tea, coffee, wine, etc.
  • color enkel gerookt
  • color kiezel lak
  • color leem lak
  • color nature lak
  • color off white lak
  • color ral 9010 white paint
  • color verouderd lak
  • color wenge lak
  • color zand lak

Oak table with diamond leg

delivery time on request
oak colors

Oak table diamond,

Made of light rustic oak brushed 4 cm thick solid

Available in various oak colors, see photos.

Side blade is sawn obliquely, also called boat shape or rejuvenated.

Available vane 200 cm to 300 cm.

base is made of metal, laser cut in diamond shape.

side of top and leg painted in ral 9005 black.

Additional information oak table diamond.

The table is made of light rustic oak, this is a very nice quality oak with knots up to 3 cm in size.
the table is lightly brushed as standard to make the drawing of the wood look even more beautiful, if desired the top can also be sanded smooth, there are no extra costs.
If desired, the top can also be delivered rustic with open cracks or filled with cracks.
You can choose from various colors of oak, all these finishes are resistant to beer, tea, coffee, wine, etc.
The top does not require any maintenance, just wipe it with a damp cloth and you can enjoy it for years
If you have special color wishes for the top, this is also possible, we have many times more color samples in our shop.
The table top model is difficult to describe, but it is certainly unique, it is neither oval nor straight.
It runs slightly inwards, in the middle, the table is slightly wider than the end, the top is slanted with rounded corners.
The side of the top is painted black, which makes the design stand out even more beautifully
If desired, the top can also be supplied with various other legs from the Pardoes collection.

We tailor the table for you in about 6 weeks.

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